My Last workout before weekend. I found myself looking forward to my usual weekend vices, sleeping in, deserts, and fast food. Weekends also mean grocery shopping. I will try to keep it real for another week and purchase clean and healthy food. I still buy snacks and meals that appeal to my children and are definitely off of my menu. It’s the end of the second week so it’s becoming a little easier to abstain or just “have a taste” and then walk away from it. The way my body feels and my new energy levels have definitely helped make my decision process much easier.

I know we are heading to the movies as a family this weekend; it’s very difficult not to just give myself a pass for this one event, just his one time. Better yet – I found chocolate covered protein bites (replaces candy), and a water. I still get my movie experience and don’t hate myself afterwards. Small, smarter choices, just little ones are beginning to add up to big gains at the end of the week. I don’t need food and drinks to entertain myself, they are no longer a pastime – they are a choice.