I was going to make Friday my last day of exercise for the week . I awoke this morning and found myself with a strong desire to go in and work out – so I did.

That’s one of the great advantages of SmithBuilt Fitness; I can usually always pick up a boot-camp or a session upon calling in. They can pick up my specialized routine right where I left off.

After my training routine it was back to the house to finish some lawn work and then out to take some of the kids kayaking and paddle boarding. I was actually a little surprised with myself. The tasks of lawn work and pulling kayaks off the rack and loading them onto the truck, tying them down, etc. were much easier than I remember. I felt like I was handling and controlling the weight and awkwardness instead of fighting for my life not to break something. I actually had that first thought of feeling younger and stronger, back to my early thirties. Yes, cheesy I know, but it was great.