Good ole’ Monday morning, greeting you like big slap in the face. The alarm went off this morning and I wasn’t even sure where I was for the first few seconds. Must have been some great sleep, too bad I couldn’t continue for a few more hours. I admittedly didn’t feel the need to search as hard for a reason not to go train this morning. I am becoming accustomed to the routine and maybe even actually looking forward to it. I am starting to feel a great deal better after my workouts. I’m ready to take on the day.

This was my last week of the challenge and I felt that I was grasping the routines and could put forth some additional effort.

And I was able to, in a big way.  It’s if as though someone flipped a switch. I was stronger, I had greater endurance and I was ready for the next exercise.  I was feeling good about me and my gains. I think I’m really starting to like this.