Cardio. This has been an evil word in my life. Cardio and conditioning have always meant pain and anguish on many levels of my training routine. It was quite often the entire reason I hated any given workout routine in the first place. I have not had this issue while training at Smith Built. Most times I haven’t even realized that I have been training to improve my endurance and cardio fitness. The trainers at Smith Built have woven my cardio seamlessly throughout my strength training allowing for a complete hour of true whole body fitness. In just a little over two weeks, I have seen dramatic increases in my endurance, strength and cardio fitness. I can achieve a cardio and strength fitness balance without jogging a couple of miles a few times a week (I’m not a big jogger/ runner. I’ve always viewed it as more of a survival skill than sport or exercise).   This training routine keeps the body’s furnace burning all day long (burning calories) and actually has given me more energy throughout the day.   I guess I can put cardio back on the good word list.