First session was nothing that I had expected but everything I had hoped for. I worked right up to the point of muscle fatigue and even past in a few instances on my first day. My second day has proven to be the same. Every session focuses on hitting your core along with multiple muscle groups and cardio. This happens in carefully calculated cycles and all within a one-hour session.

So, just as important as the resistance and the cardio, maybe even more so, is the NUTRITION. Your diet. What you put into your body.

My favorite saying at SmithBuilt has been, “You can’t be trained out of a poor diet.”  This has been what I’ve battled against when I decided to go it alone all of these years in a typical gym.

I was given my meal plan from SmithBuilt. It was based on my current weight, my fitness goals. They break out meals by calories and points, so you have a choice depending on what you like to follow. The meals are broken out into a suggested approximate time of day and amount.   This is then followed by a large list of food possibilities that you can combine in any combination you desire.

The best part about this plan? I’m not going to starve or have to be crazy foods I’ve never heard of.