Final Challenge Day has fallen on a Sunday, traditionally my day of rest. But with my 45th birthday coming next week, I decided to hit the cardio and do some interval training on the treadmill, maybe a little rowing. I wanted to finish strong and keep my metabolism up.

I was hesitant to fall into the classic fitness pitfall and begin to list stats; it’s not what I wanted this series to be about. I wanted to talk about life during this change, the challenges and rewards outside of the studio, the other 22 plus hours of your life.


But you know what… numbers and stats are fun, so I’ll give you the highlights.

The big one, yes I lost weight – a solid 12 lbs. in three weeks.

The second big one, I lost a little over an inch at the waist and went from a size 40 to a 36-38.

Each of my arms grew by a half inch. Each of my legs grew by three quarters of an inch.

My chest and back remained about the same but clearly had a tradeoff of fat to muscle.


My energy levels are twice to three times what I had prior to starting. I don’t fatigue or become winded with normal daily activity (or even recreational such as kayaking and football with the kids). I am able to focus a great deal more while at work and at home following work. I don’t crave junk food any longer; in fact at times it actually made me a little queasy to smell it.

I will definitely be continuing my endeavors to train with Smith Built, remain active and eat well. I just had to show up and follow a nutritional plan they had created for me. Three weeks of hard work turned my life around. I can’t wait to see what three months and then three years will bring… no doubt a much higher quality of life to spend with my family and future family to come.

Stick with me and check back. The blogs are going to be reviewed and commented on by the professionals at Smith Built. As I comb through the video and pictures, I will continue to add to the blogs as well. Additionally, I’m going to ask the guys if I can check in monthly and update my progress with new entries, to follow some long-term progress.