I woke up this morning and I am sore!   I didn’t expect not to be sore after such a long period of inactivity; I think I had just forgotten.

Will I be sore tomorrow?… YES. What about he next day? Most likely.  The trainers at SmithBuilt have shown me how to begin to use foam rollers break up the lactic acid build up the day following an intense workout. It has helped immensely. To spend time helping my body to recover by rolling over the muscle group, or being shown how to properly stretch so I don’t hurt another muscle group has been an invaluable.

I am sore but it’s more than manageable.  It’s a great reminder that I’ve done something to improve myself, I’ve worked hard, and things are changing.

Today’s training session took into account the possible limitations of coming into a session sore. We stretched, used foam rollers and then proceeded to warm up and work the full body rather than focus on a deep concentration in a particular muscle group. My sessions are constantly touching upon different aspects of my fitness; as a result I’m never overworking or burning out any one area. Something I was never able to accomplish on my own.