We are back in and touching upon some of the same muscle groups we hit in day one, but with different exercises. I don’t think I’ll ever become board, it seems like there is ton of exercise options for every muscle group.

Something that I have begun to notice is small change in my lifestyle. It’s making sure I have the hour a day plus travel for my training session, my time to prepare my meals which differ from what my kids will eat (thankfully my wife is on board with my diet change). It’s the adjustment to the morning routine that I had become accustomed to after the past couple of years making sure kids got to school on time, I had a coffee and some food (maybe), and I would waste some time on my phone or internet prior to diving into emails.

I can happily say that with very small adjustments to my morning routine and by dropping some of my time wasters, I’m able to easily fit in my morning workout. That’s always been my preference. I know a lot of people who prefer to workout after work in the evening. I’m sure the same applies, a few small adjustments and off you go to your new life.

I’m already beginning to feel as though I have more energy.