A little sore… everywhere but truly the definition of “hurts so good”.   Today we are going to train the same muscle groups we did on day 2, legs and back. We start everyday with a quick warm up, it’s mental as much as it is physical. I’m already experiencing more physical energy. Admittedly I am mentally tired as the week is drawing to a close. Working one more thing into my schedule seemed monumental at the beginning of this endeavor. I jumped in with both feet and just told myself, I will “figure it out”. This meant that while I was adjusting to the new schedule in the first week, I went longer in my day and stayed up later a few evenings. A diet change and a sleep pattern change accounted for one or two evenings of catching myself being short with the kids or my wife. Just mentally tired. As this week has marched on, it’s quickly improved and with the coming weekend my spirits are high with the thought of not juggling as much.

Now a new concern has crept into the back of my mind. My schedule changes for the weekend. How will I stay on task with my diet? How will I keep from slipping and will I keep my momentum going come Monday morning?

The goal will to pre-prep my meals / snacks through the weekend and at the very least maybe setup some reminders on my phone calendar. Approximate time for this type of meal with a suggestion or two. It is a little more work than doing absolutely nothing like I did before and just flying by the seat of my pants, literally forgetting that I had said I wanted to eat healthier.

I continue to remind myself that I’m working hard to establish a habit that will eventually become second nature. I will become accustomed to my new morning routine and in fact the feeling of satisfaction from completing a challenging workout routine. Eventually I won’t think twice about my choices for food and the best time to eat.


With all of that said… bring on the weekend.