Monday morning hit me like a ton of bricks. The routine was back. Get the kids up, make sure they get dressed, eat, comb hair, lunches, backpacks and out the door – on time. Who would forget what? Who is going to be fighting with whom? Did I remember to pack my bag for my training session? The excuses began to creep in again. Well not really creep, more like someone had opened the floodgates and they all came rushing in. They seemed to be even more valid now than they were Saturday morning. I have to do anything else so I don’t get behind in my day. Look at all of the reasons why I should just skip it today, I mean it’s a Monday. Only Day 8 of this 21 Day Challenge.

I kept it. I made it. It was actually great to blow off some steam after a half hour of who’s touching whom in the backseat and the shoving match that followed. A great upper body routine that woke the muscles up and showed me that some first week gains had been made. It’s going to be a great week!