We thought it would be interesting to follow someone who came to us with one of those classic life stories. They had played sports, worked out, and in general felt healthy.

THEN…. Life took over. They started putting career first, then family. Personal needs and good habits slipped farther and farther away.   It was such a slow transition they didn’t even realize it was happening until they felt it was too late to change.

We decided to issue a challenge to some of our new clients. We asked them if they were ready to take their life back create those good habits that lead them back to positive health.

Our 21-day challenge was an exciting and fun way to begin to reteach these healthy habits while using the latest training techniques and wisdom. It’s not at all what you remember from your previous “Gym”fluence.

Follow the 21-day challenge thread with us. We selected our first individual who was willing to share his experience and real story behind taking such a challenge. We have given him access to our blog so he can document his experience and share it with you and us.   We hope this helps you decide to make a healthy change in your life. Everyday there’s no better time!


Meet JC.  He is 45 years old, has a busy career, and is married with four children.  Exercise has been almost nonexistent.  He’s 5’11 weighing in at 250 and states that he is regularly tired and feels over weight.  He has agreed to some before pictures so we can compare them to some fun after pictures in 21 days.