21 Day Challenge - Day 11 - Sore Again

Sore. That’s the word for the second day in a row.

It may even be worse than yesterday, I’m moving to a new level of tight and stiff muscles.   Today we are starting off with some stretching and foam rolling. We’re taking this Pillsbury dough boy and rolling him. I’ve already added a lot of water, so it’s time to roll it all out. I’m actually rolling myself on the roller. Back, legs, shoulders. Breaking up the lactic acid and hopefully flushing it out. This should help dramatically reduce my “soreness” time.   Hopefully…

21 Day Challenge - Day 10 - Hydration

Sore. That’s the word for the day – Sore.

I actually have muscles and places that I can feel, that are sore, that I have never felt before. I’m beginning to realize that while I’ve been focusing on my routine and getting back in the saddle for the week, I’ve started to slip a little nutritionally, most noticeably my water. I haven’t been drinking near enough. I’ve been leaving my water bottle (easy to fill to 32 oz and keep track) at home and not following my intake. My body is letting me know.

I had a total body workout with a focus on my core and there was not one part of me that could move without a grunt or sigh. I have to give a little more focus to my nutritional recovery and hydration.


Wrestling with staying hydrated.


SmithBuilt 21 Day Challenge Hydration

21 Day Challenge - Day 9 - Love - Hate

Woke up this morning ready to go. Morning routine – check! Great breakfast –Check! Ready to knock out my training session – Check! Jordan has me setup for a mean leg and abdominal day – heck.   Well, it’s time to make it count.

It was a challenging routine but I found that I’m really beginning to like and look for the intensity. You begin to search for the limit to reach and try to push past it. It’s a love hate relationship. You hate the thought of a tired morning or evening, the exhaustion at the end of the routine and the soreness to follow. At the same time, you love the way it makes you feel to complete that challenging routine, to know you gave it all and you didn’t quit. I’m another step closer to my goal and not quite as “out of breath”.


21 Day Challenge - Day 8 - Monday Hits You

Monday morning hit me like a ton of bricks. The routine was back. Get the kids up, make sure they get dressed, eat, comb hair, lunches, backpacks and out the door – on time. Who would forget what? Who is going to be fighting with whom? Did I remember to pack my bag for my training session? The excuses began to creep in again. Well not really creep, more like someone had opened the floodgates and they all came rushing in. They seemed to be even more valid now than they were Saturday morning. I have to do anything else so I don’t get behind in my day. Look at all of the reasons why I should just skip it today, I mean it’s a Monday. Only Day 8 of this 21 Day Challenge.

I kept it. I made it. It was actually great to blow off some steam after a half hour of who’s touching whom in the backseat and the shoving match that followed. A great upper body routine that woke the muscles up and showed me that some first week gains had been made. It’s going to be a great week!

21 Day Challenge - Day 7 - Day of Rest

A true day of rest.  I’m giving myself and my body permission to rest.  Rest and recovery, even in a short challenge are important. This is the day.

Back to it on Monday!

21 Day Challenge - Day 6 - To Train or not to Train

My weekend has arrived. I choose to continue my routine on the weekend and stay with my regular morning time. THIS MORNING WAS TOUGH. An hour prior to waking, I had every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t, didn’t have to, or need to do anything.  I had multiple reasons for not waking up, driving in and busting my butt for an hour while the rest of my house was still in a deep slumber. Over the years I had gotten use to talking myself out of the fitness routine on any given day for any number of reasons. Now I would have to try some of my old tired excuses on the guys at SmithBuilt – (This is the great thing about having a trainer, excuses are hard to come by). Well, they’ve been doing this for a while and have heard it all, so excuses are just that.   In the same way that no one can train you out of a poor diet, no one can help you if your just not there. And yes, my other brilliant idea while I was lying in bed was to “train myself”, you know, when I got up and about, sometime during the day, I would just do it then. Seriously…. Never going to happen. Life and four kids on a Saturday morning along with every other “to-do” distraction would ensure that it would not happen. That is exactly what got me into this condition in the first place.

I made it in. I did it. I was happier than I’ve been for sometime because I stuck it out and finished. I was close to making up some excuse, but instead I got in there.

Half of the battle is getting there; the other half is my diet. Once I’m there, I just finish what I’m told to do and work hard.

My reward for coming in on Saturday…

And making it look easy, my trainer Jordan…

21 Day Challenge - Day 5 - Hurts So Good

A little sore… everywhere but truly the definition of “hurts so good”.   Today we are going to train the same muscle groups we did on day 2, legs and back. We start everyday with a quick warm up, it’s mental as much as it is physical. I’m already experiencing more physical energy. Admittedly I am mentally tired as the week is drawing to a close. Working one more thing into my schedule seemed monumental at the beginning of this endeavor. I jumped in with both feet and just told myself, I will “figure it out”. This meant that while I was adjusting to the new schedule in the first week, I went longer in my day and stayed up later a few evenings. A diet change and a sleep pattern change accounted for one or two evenings of catching myself being short with the kids or my wife. Just mentally tired. As this week has marched on, it’s quickly improved and with the coming weekend my spirits are high with the thought of not juggling as much.

Now a new concern has crept into the back of my mind. My schedule changes for the weekend. How will I stay on task with my diet? How will I keep from slipping and will I keep my momentum going come Monday morning?

The goal will to pre-prep my meals / snacks through the weekend and at the very least maybe setup some reminders on my phone calendar. Approximate time for this type of meal with a suggestion or two. It is a little more work than doing absolutely nothing like I did before and just flying by the seat of my pants, literally forgetting that I had said I wanted to eat healthier.

I continue to remind myself that I’m working hard to establish a habit that will eventually become second nature. I will become accustomed to my new morning routine and in fact the feeling of satisfaction from completing a challenging workout routine. Eventually I won’t think twice about my choices for food and the best time to eat.


With all of that said… bring on the weekend.

21 Day Challenge - Day 4 - Small Adjustments

We are back in and touching upon some of the same muscle groups we hit in day one, but with different exercises. I don’t think I’ll ever become board, it seems like there is ton of exercise options for every muscle group.

Something that I have begun to notice is small change in my lifestyle. It’s making sure I have the hour a day plus travel for my training session, my time to prepare my meals which differ from what my kids will eat (thankfully my wife is on board with my diet change). It’s the adjustment to the morning routine that I had become accustomed to after the past couple of years making sure kids got to school on time, I had a coffee and some food (maybe), and I would waste some time on my phone or internet prior to diving into emails.

I can happily say that with very small adjustments to my morning routine and by dropping some of my time wasters, I’m able to easily fit in my morning workout. That’s always been my preference. I know a lot of people who prefer to workout after work in the evening. I’m sure the same applies, a few small adjustments and off you go to your new life.

I’m already beginning to feel as though I have more energy.


21 Day Challenge - Day 3 - Word of the Day - Sore

I woke up this morning and I am sore!   I didn’t expect not to be sore after such a long period of inactivity; I think I had just forgotten.

Will I be sore tomorrow?… YES. What about he next day? Most likely.  The trainers at SmithBuilt have shown me how to begin to use foam rollers break up the lactic acid build up the day following an intense workout. It has helped immensely. To spend time helping my body to recover by rolling over the muscle group, or being shown how to properly stretch so I don’t hurt another muscle group has been an invaluable.

I am sore but it’s more than manageable.  It’s a great reminder that I’ve done something to improve myself, I’ve worked hard, and things are changing.

Today’s training session took into account the possible limitations of coming into a session sore. We stretched, used foam rollers and then proceeded to warm up and work the full body rather than focus on a deep concentration in a particular muscle group. My sessions are constantly touching upon different aspects of my fitness; as a result I’m never overworking or burning out any one area. Something I was never able to accomplish on my own.

21 Day Challenge - Day 2 - Nutrition

First session was nothing that I had expected but everything I had hoped for. I worked right up to the point of muscle fatigue and even past in a few instances on my first day. My second day has proven to be the same. Every session focuses on hitting your core along with multiple muscle groups and cardio. This happens in carefully calculated cycles and all within a one-hour session.

So, just as important as the resistance and the cardio, maybe even more so, is the NUTRITION. Your diet. What you put into your body.

My favorite saying at SmithBuilt has been, “You can’t be trained out of a poor diet.”  This has been what I’ve battled against when I decided to go it alone all of these years in a typical gym.

I was given my meal plan from SmithBuilt. It was based on my current weight, my fitness goals. They break out meals by calories and points, so you have a choice depending on what you like to follow. The meals are broken out into a suggested approximate time of day and amount.   This is then followed by a large list of food possibilities that you can combine in any combination you desire.

The best part about this plan? I’m not going to starve or have to be crazy foods I’ve never heard of.