21 Day Challenge - Day 1- Redefining "Working Out"

I have a great deal of excitement and anticipation as my first day back in a gym has arrived. My expectation of the coming workout has me remembering row after row of machines, waiting in line for a bench or weights, and trying to figure out my diet.

I found that my idea of “working out” was stuck back in the 90’s. My first training experience at SmithBuilt was completely different.

I had previously discussed my goals with the team at SmithBuilt and received a nutrition plan on day one, no more guessing on my behalf – Bonus #1. Upon walking in the gym I was met by Jordan, my trainer, who had created a personal workout based on my goals, my current level of fitness and current athletic ability. Again, no more guessing – Bonus #2.

I started my journey back to fitness with a regiment aimed to hit chest, triceps, shoulders. The first round of sets were no problem, for a second I thought – hey, Could I still have the hang of this? Then the second round of sets caught up to me quick, and muscle fatigue began to creep in. The third round required some assistance at points (sometimes a lot) and quite a few breaks to catch my breath. Finally I made it, I had completed the session and not soon enough because I was out of gas.

What stood out most in my mind was that I was not allowed to quit. I would finish every rep and I would finish every set, no excuses. We may adjust the resistance or weight but we never cut it short. I had a trainer that was able to adjust the session based on my performance and make sure I finished.

A great workout and a great beginning.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.


SmithBuilt - 21 Day Challenge
Chest – Tougher than you think.



21 Day Challenge - My reasons

I’m excited and overrun with anxiety. I’ve wanted to change, to wake up, to be who I used to be but always said I could never find the time and then never made the time.  It’s been a slow steady decline over the past 15 years.  I can t blame any one thing. Career, marriage, kids, church, four kids, kids activities, errands….basically the weed garden of life.  All of the time pushing my exercising just a day, then a week – month and finally the past year, a full year.

I’m inflexible, quickly out of breath, sore joints, tired, tired, tired. 50-lbs over weight. Heading right down the road for heart attack and diabetes.

So here we go. On to positive change and the guy I remember being 15 years ago.