“Say Crossfit…one more time”- Samuel L. Jackson



Okay- he didn’t really say that. But it’s how we feel.

There is a constant comparison between Crossfit and other types of “gyms” or workout trends.

Crossfit has done an excellent job with one singular thing…branding.

Positioning itself as being “the ultimate way of getting into shape”, Crossfit focuses on pushing all participants to their maximum levels through “WOD” (workout of the day).

While Crossfit has been successful attracting the masses, they are still some criticism and concerns with the program. Overwhelmingly, the critique of Crossfit is that someone may not be able to do all of the workouts and subsequently, OVERDO IT. Couldn’t make that 4 foot box jump even though they said “you can do it”- Ouch.

Remember, the objective of working out is to be able to do what you’re individually capable of doing and hitting your PR (personal record).

“So do you do Crossfit here?”

Many times at our facility, we get walk-ins that ask us this question.

Our answer is not necessarily “no,” rather pointing out the difference and the fact Crossfit is merely a brand title for a culture.

Training is what we do at SmithBuilt. Individually, for our clients, with each of their own personal and individual needs in mind.

“Its important to first make sure that the individual is capable of maintaining the proper kinetic chain so that there is no compensation during the workout” Says trainer Jordan Weigand.

What does that mean? Essentially, focus on training that works for your body and allows you to do the exercises well, without injury.

“We recommend finding a trainer and/or training program that avoids holding you to anyone else’s standards and focuses on what your body is capable of achieving now, and working towards the future. “

These workouts may consist of Olympic lifts, calisthenics, plyometric, and cardio.

“Blending all of these workouts together allows our clients to burn a larger amount of calories and get into EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption). Therefore, our clients progress at a proper rate at which their body can adapt to, safely, while still seeing great results.”