SmithBuilt training uses your body’s natural movements while building strength and endurance.

Free weights • Cables • Kettlebells • Slam-balls • Suspension Training

Body Movement Analysis

Our body movement analysis allows us to watch the way your individual body moves and dictate the program that will suit you the best.

Individualized Training

Our specialized trainers will work with you one on one for highly personalized results. Using our Body Movement Analysis, ™ our seasoned professionals will guide you along the way to reach your goals.

Nutrition Coaching

A brief assessment and questionnaire with our fitness nutrition specialist, we can have you on your way to a better way of eating. The most successful results will come from the combination of improved dietary intake paired with resistance training and cardio.

Restorative Muscular Therapy

We implement certain modalities ranging from foam rolling and stretching to neuromuscular trigger point therapy. Our methods work to help the client with any issues they may have that can limit their ability to exercise to their full potential.

Kick Boxing

Our fitness kickboxing class is a high energy, stress relieving, calorie burning workout. Students will not only get a great workout, but they will learn proper kickboxing techniques while getting to take their stress out on our heavy bags. We begin with a warm up and stretching, and then go through shadow boxing drills before beginning the bag work. Every session ends with some abdominal exercises and stretching to cool down. You will enjoy this class and get a great workout whether you are a beginner or an athlete.

Boot Camp

A fun and motivating way to burn those unwanted calories. This is a group motivated and trainer instructed class. You always get a different workout and never know what to expect from the SmithBuilt staff, except a great workout! The class is designed to give you a total body workout with the potential to burn a ton of calories.