Are you one of the many that are stuck in a seated position most of your day?

These days most of us are, and this typically leads to pains in other parts of our bodies when walking, standing and especially working out. In this particular situation it’s typically hard to start or even continue a fitness routine.

Sitting all day can lead to muscle tightness and simply put, this type of muscle tightness leads to poor posture and joint pain. It really is amazing how tight muscles can affect or influence our bodies and the way they move. Injuries to bodies with poor posture are far more likely to happen. Even something as simple as bending down to pick a pen up off the floor can lead to an injury when we have poor posture and muscle tightness.

What if you could incorporate some stretching at home that can potentially relieve that discomfort? The link below is a simple quick routine and a great starting point to start to relieve these problems. Just remember before starting a new routine, especially if you have been sedentary for a while, be sure to contact an expert. Fitness is for everyone and can be adjusted to individual needs and capabilities, please be safe.