Why? Why do these when our best work is done hand-to-hand and face-to-face? After all, our motto is Individualized Training for highly personal results. A blog doesn’t feel very personal?

Well, its not because everyone is doing it. Anyone who knows us knows we aren’t those kinds of people. Following a trend is never our style.

But, we just have so much to say and our followers consistently ask for our real-world approach to health and performance improvement advice.

So, here is our first thought Tampa Bay….You have a lot of work to do!


We see you every day. We arrive to the center at 5AM and there you are, driving to work at 6, 7 and 8AM like zombies. Shuffling through the grocery store, reading labels, feeling good about your-selves because it said “organic” on the box. Then, in line at the coffee shop for your daily fix of sugar and caffeine.

Most of all we know you from our days in the traditional monthly pay gym. “Working out” on that treadmill- like a hamster on the wheel day after day doing the same thing and expecting a result.

Because we monitor and analyze body movement, we can’t help but notice the pain in your lower back from how you walk and know that this pain is radiating to your knees, shoulders, and in your minds you think they are unrelated. We know you sit 8 to 10 hours a day relying on your wearable device to remind you just to get up and walk or drink water. Really!?

Have no fear, SmithBuilt is here ready for you to walk into our center (so we can help you one-on-one) but when you can’t be here, we will make it our mission to educate you by blogging. We are committed to help you wake up, teach you new life health skills to make a lifetime of improvements and help you get out from under the “Gym”fluence.

We are here to teach, inspire, and help you not take yourself too seriously. After all, life is for living and having a great time. We will help you improve your health so you can have more fun and feel better, every day.

We are SmithBuilt Fitness, an individualized training center that delivers highly personal results. And we look forward to educating you, and helping you grow into a healthier lifestyle.


David Smith

Owner and Founder