SmithBuilt Fitness

Dave Smith

Dave is a nationally recognized fitness coach specializing in corrective exercise and performance enhancement. Dave offers personal training, corrective therapy and group fitness classes to individuals on all levels.  Dave is accredited and trusted source of fitness information. 

PES - CES - FNS - NASM Certified Trainer

Jessica Smith

Jess enjoys teaching and helping her clients reach their goals to be happier and healthier.  As a mother of two young boys, Jessica loves working with other mothers that need help getting back to themselves after children.  Jessica believes that you need to invest in yourself and not feel guilty for it! 

ACE Certified Trainer specializing in weight management

Leona Lawrence

Leona is a personal trainer, former Roller Derby coach, captain and skater.  As an athlete most of her life, struggling with her own strength training, she decided she wanted to help others with their weight loss and personal training.  ACE certified with a specialty in weight management.

Certified Trainer

James Johnson

James combines his personal training and massage therapy expertise to help enhance a client’s fitness level.  He has a proven track record of improving the quality of fitness for his clients, with a focus toward injury recovery and overcoming  limiting physical conditions.